E4DS Fundraising Campaign

E4DS Launches Fundraising Campaign to Enhance 2016 School Year

May 11, 2016 – E4DS (Excellence 4 Dexter Students), a community-led group founded to provide meaningful financial support to the Dexter Community Schools, has launched a short-term fundraising campaign to enhance school programing for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

The county-wide Special Education Millage has passed, but because of a decade of cuts, classroom funding levels remain at 1996 levels.  Through the community-wide budget forum, E4DS identified a wish list of programs and opportunities, at every grade level, that parents would like to bring to Dexter Schools.  This year, E4DS has committed to raise money to fund 6 new teaching positions, bringing personalized learning and enrichment opportunities to each school building in the district.

“With a donation of $115/student we can reach our goal of $400,000.” says E4DS President Jennifer Kangas.  “These positions will bring individualized learning opportunities to students at all grade levels.”

E4DS believes that with the help of parents, residents, extended families, and local businesses we can reach this goal.  E4DS aims to raise these funds by June 3rd, in order for these positions to be funded and filled for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

On May 10, staff issued the following statement:  “The Dexter teacher leadership endorses this initiative and appreciates the involvement of E4DS in helping to provide quality programming to our students.”

More information about E4DS and school funding, including how to donate to the 2016 “Excellence Together” campaign, can be found at www.e4ds.org. (through 6/3/16)