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Technology & the Impact on Mental Health presentation

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Location: Mill Creek Cafeteria

A growing body of research from a variety of disciplines indicates that the widespread use of digital technology – including computers, the internet, video games, and smart phones – has a measurable, negative impact on the development and adaptation of the human brain, resulting in significant changes in our sleep, mood, concentration, memory and learning, as well as behaviors such as risk-taking and aggression. This effect appears to be more pronounced for the younger generation of so-called “digital natives”: those who have been using digital technology and social media during their critical stages of neurological development. This is a presentation that we suggest  parents rearrange their schedules to attend. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend this important presentation.

Dr. Scott Becker is the Director of Counseling Services at Michigan State University. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1995 following his doctoral internship at the University of Notre Dame.  Over the past twenty-two years he has worked at a number of universities, including Xavier University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Rochester.  Dr. Becker contributed the psychological commentary to the biography, The Life and Ideas of James Hillman, and he is the editor of the forthcoming book, Inhuman Relations, Volume 7 of the Uniform Edition of Hillman’s writings.  Dr. Becker’s clinical and academic interests include archetypal psychology, trauma, grief and loss, and multiculturalism.  Over the past four years he and his partner, Aislinn Sapp, have developed an integrative model that addresses the negative impact of digital technology on psychological and neurological development.  He has presented this work at MSU; in national and regional webinars, conferences, and workshops; and in lectures and publications at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

Aislinn Sapp, MA, LLP, has her Master’s degree in clinical psychology and completed her doctoral coursework and doctoral internship at the University of Rochester, where she later served as a staff therapist in the University Counseling Center.  Ms. Sapp has worked at MSU for the past 8 years and currently serves as the Conduct and Retention Specialist in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services.  In her clinical work, she specializes in the treatment of complex trauma and PTSD, and she has research and assessment specialties in child and adolescent development and motivational theory.



Juniors:  There are a few test spots available for the PSAT/National Merit test on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  Registration for the test is on Pay Schools and ends October 6.  Contact the Counseling Office if you have any questions.

Homecoming Notes from the Office

Parents, please review the following with your children before Homecoming day:

Students who are participating in Homecoming events such as the assembly or parade, must stay in class until their dismissal time as determined by their coach or advisor.

Students can only be dismissed for parade and assembly participation by a coach or advisor.  Parents CAN NOT excuse students from class to go to other parts of the building during the school day.

After the parade, ALL STUDENTS are expected to return to class.  Phone calls for early dismissal on Homecoming day cannot be accommodated.  Please follow established protocols for early dismissal.  (See website for details.)

Failure to adhere to these policies may result in an Unexcused absence, and subsequently, detention.